Aerofen's unique process has created products formulated for a broad range of industrial applications whilst harnessing the properties of graphene. Aerofen produces graphene derivative additives specifically for the target working area. Graphene can be incorporated into high performance industrial paint and coating systems using Aerofen's special graphene derivative additives.

We offer you multifunctional and sustainable coating and paint systems with products to be produced by us, specifically for the application area you need. It's all about creating a greener, future by improving performance, extending lifespan and minimizing waste.

Aerofen additives have the potential to significantly enhance various properties, including mechanical, barrier, thermal, lubrication, and electrical performance in both new and existing industrial systems.

Through the proper integration into the target matrix environment, whether by incorporating standard or customized graphene-based products, Aerofen enables coatings and paints to innovate effortlessly and realize the full benefits of Graphene.

Why do we prefer Graphene as a Functional Component?

As an innovative solution, graphene and graphene derivatives enable the development of industrial paints and coatings that perform better and are also environmentally friendly.

Graphene stands out as an environmentally friendly, metal-free alternative to traditional additives, offering life-cycle benefits, reducing the environmental impact of paints and coatings:

Long service life and less maintenance.

Zinc, chromates etc. potential reduction or removal of toxins, such as

Fewer, thinner coats are required due to improved performance.

Graphene dispersions also offer water-based,

Bio-based and low VOC carrier media options.

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