From Graphene

Innovating Masterbatch from Graphene, Aerofen is actively pursuing the utilization of graphene's distinctive properties in industrial production to bring a commercial product to fruition. A pivotal advancement in this pursuit involves achieving a uniformly dispersed graphene integration within a polymer matrix.

The successful realization of this objective hinges on multifaceted considerations, including precise material selection, the attainment of uniform distribution within the desired polymer, and the application of appropriate processing techniques. These factors collectively shape the development of masterbatch properties.

Aerofen has developed a series of masterbatches consisting of different polymers including graphene-based products (PET, polyethylene and polypropylene, etc.). These mastebatches find use in many sectors as a new nanotechnological additive, from reinforcement of concrete in the construction industry to the plastics industry to improve mechanical and thermal properties.

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