Aerofen is on its way to becoming the world's leading graphene supplier with its high-performance graphene derivative products. Aerofen Graphene-based Products are produced in high volumes on the basis of tonnage with sustainable and stable processes, offering extraordinary opportunities to potential customer needs in the global world. Aerofen leads the sector with its ability to produce target-oriented, tunable and special products for its customers who conduct research in strategic and niche areas.


As Aerofen, it is our main mission to be the innovation leader in the sector and to achieve commercially successful results for our customers and our company, without departing from the principle of sustainability and environmental friendliness, in this long process from the production to the application of graphene-based products. With its leading team, Aerofen aims to create value, contribute to global knowledge and play a leading role in the development of innovative products that can stand out in the market.


Aerofen has focused on mediating the performance realities of graphene -based products with its sustainable and environmentally friendly principle to the recognition of the global world and always forcing boundaries.


Authentic Approach and Trust

We fulfill our commitments to our customers and attach great importance to providing reliable solutions. It is very important for us to always remain transparent in our relationships with customers, investors, suppliers and research partners. We focus on incorporating developing technology into life and producing products and solutions that have a positive impact on our planet.


We do our best in the science and engineering of graphene technologies.

Team Spirit and Cooperation

We are open, flexible, transparent, fair, proactive, inclusive and sensitive.


We are extremely committed to clean energy and environmental care indefinitely.


We never stop searching and discovering target-oriented innovative solutions for our customers. We are very open to collaborations to create value-added products and services. Future and predict.